Unearthly Cosmetics (Alien Cosmetics) LORE Palette Review

Unearthly Cosmetics, formerly named Alien Cosmetics, is an indie makeup brand. It is a brand that makes me excited and creative. Their color stories are always unique and creative. Therefore, when I played with the LORE palette on and off, it was hard to really give every palette in my collection a spot to shine to create this post.

I’ve purchased the Fairy Frolic, Don’t Be Jelly, Not Normal and many of their palettes, so I am familiar with their formula. This brand never has repeated color stories, which I appreciate. They don’t dupe themselves and the creativity is pushed into the color stories, packaging, artwork, and formulation. 

This palette has a 36 months shelf life and its makeup is cruelty-free. I believe Fairy Frolic and Serendipity palettes have a 12-month shelf life. Therefore, the LORE Palette has a much better shelf life if you are someone that cares about the shelf life. As for me, I tend to still use my eyeshadow palettes when they tend to go over. As long, as it is pigmentation and bend-ability, then I will continue to use up my palettes.  LORE palette retails for $35 palette, and you can purchase it on their website

The palette has its new signature square pans before their palettes came with round pans. I don’t have the repackage version, but I believe that the formulation of their shadows for this one did get changed. This review is just based on the old packaging of the LORE Palette. I am tempted to buy the new one, but I think if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. Mostly all of their palettes were reformulated and repackaged due to the rebrand. This is why some of my links will take you to my Instagram post, just to clarify. Therefore, let me know your thoughts on their new formula if you did try the repackaged LORE palette. It would also be nice if you have noticed a difference between the old and new packaging in the comments below.

But, for now, let’s start this off with a breakdown of the shades and the looks I’ve created with the old packaging.


  • Serpent (Duochrome)
  • Minotaur (Matte)
  • Sphinx (Duochrome)
  • Faun (Matte)
  • Basilisk (Duochrome)
  • Centaur (Matte)
  • Griffin (Duochrome
  • Cerberus (Matte)
  • Medusa (Duochrome)

The duochromes remind me of Adept Cosmetics. They are squishy and soft to the touch and very sparkly. Others look like toppers like Sphinx, and Serpent. My favorites are Spinx (Coral pink with a green-silver shift), Serpent (With a light pink and green/silver shift) as an inner corner highlight or for a halo look.

I used this to create a look when I first got it using Cerberus, Medusa, Centaur, and Minotaur. I was so happy with this look because of the Mattes being soft and blendable but also pigmented and the duochromes standing out on my lid. 

There is room for all-over looks with the duochromes like Spinx and Serpent can also be a great all-over lid shade because of the shift and how opaque the sparkles are, it makes your lids look wet! There are definitely 2 different formulas of duochromes I feel that there are smooth and opaque ones like Basilisk (Emerald green with a yellow shift), and Griffin (Gold with a rose gold shift). 

Basilisk looks even better over a black base and the same for Medusa (yellow-green with a pink shift). Recently, I did a makeup look playing with the LORE palette again, and it is still one of my favorite color stories from them. The colors used in this look below were Minotaur, Sphinx, and Cerberus. It was one of my favorite looks, and Sphinx looked so wet on the lid. The photo does not give it justice. The shift is so pretty, and I am so happy it is in my collection.

Now, I recommend if you are interested in Adept Cosmetics but its either too pricy or too much of a wait for the shipping, then try Unearthly Cosmetics.  They are hands down one of my favorite indie brands.