Huda Beauty Glowish Tint Review

It is becoming the norm when makeup brands create skincare-infused makeup. Makeup with skincare ingredients. When Huda Beauty came out with their Glowish line, it was described as a fragrance-free, light-cover skin luminous tint. It was also described as a radiant, moisture-packed skin tint that brightens. Based on the ingredients, it contains exfoliates, aha, PHA, and SPF. Aha and PHA are chemicals that exfoliate and are suitable for reducing pores. However, it is very slim that you will see results right away. It’s the same as putting only foundation/tint with SPF. You must apply a certain amount to get complete protection from the sun. It is nearly impossible without the makeup appearing mask-like. Also, you would have to be wearing it every day and for a certain amount of time.

Let’s take a deeper look at the ingredients. Sodium Salicylate helps reduce irritation and reduces large pores. Citric Acid also reduces large pores. Titanium Dioxide provides UV ray protection. There are concerns that sensitive skin like Citric Acid (AHA) may irritate, and Mica may worsen eczema. There are also exfoliates like Alumina, which is common to help blend nano-sized mineral UV filters such as titanium dioxide, which is also in the ingredients. This usage is also known as buffering or adjusting pH levels in a product.

Some of these claims, such as “brightening,” are unbelievable. You will need to apply a good amount of it to get those results. On a good note, it is Fungal acne-safe, but of course, because this is a fungal acne-safe blog. I wouldn’t be reviewing it if it wasn’t. This tint is alcohol-free, paraben-free, vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and reef safe. This tint has a weird shade range because of its luminosity, and the pictures from the models don’t show you actual shade examples. I purchased Extra Tan, which was a little lighter than my natural skin stone; then I brought the Deep, which was way too deep and red.

The formulation is also finicky, and it has its days where it applies like a dream, and other days it just doesn’t blend in or attach to my dry patches. If you love the glowy and luminous look and don’t mind working with the product, this is for you. If you want something easier to use without making it work, I suggest other products like Auric’s Glow Lust, which is also fungal acne safe…you’re welcome.

I apply the Glowish tint without primer and give my skincare some time to sink into my skin before applying foundation. I loved it at first, but I was not too fond of the inconsistencies of the product. This is why it is a product I can live without, and I would choose Auric’s Glow Lust instead. That review will be coming soon. I think out of the two products from Glowish, tint, and the luminous pressed powder, I will say the powder was my favorite. I can use it as a soft highlighter or all over the face; it doesn’t emphasize texture. I used this with my Urban Decay Stay Naked The Fix Powder Foundation during the summer. I mix Auric Glow Lust with Glowish to get the right color for my skin tone. But now that I know I’m not too fond of it, I apply Glow Lust alone.

Also, I prefer to mix the Glow Lust with other foundations instead of Glowish because the formula goes well with other foundations versus Glowish. If you follow my IG and look at my last post, you know I have been using Glow Lust over the Glowish tint. Suppose you are looking for a luminous primer, then I recommend Glowish. But there are better skin tints on the market than Glowish.

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