Evan Healy – Frankincense HydroSoul Review

Evan Healy is a brand that came up when I was searching for Natural skincare products. I was looking for products that had simple ingredients. I got sick in tired of not knowing what certain ingredients were or wondering why the ingredient list was soo long. During this time I kept getting fungal acne flare-offs nonstop and I didn’t know what it was. So I had to start my routine over by introducing each product one at a time to figure it out.

I love their line of products because it has products for different concerns. I purchased their Sanctuary Butter, Sanctuary Nectar Balm, Frankincense HydroSoul, & Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf.

Their Frankincense HydroSoul is fungal acne-safe, alcohol-free, and reef safe! It is great for dry, mature, over-processed, and sensitive skin stated from their website. I decided to purchase this because my skin has been going through it because of my flare-ups and it was very dry. The way I use the hydrosol is I basically like to drench my face with it. It is a nice mist that has a wonderful smell. It is not overpowering, it just smells like the 1 ingredient, Frankincense. The hydrosoul would be a great smell for a body mist. I don’t mist far from my face because I feel like it is a waste of product if you spritz it far away, because it gets onto the floor, clothes, etc, instead of your skin fully taking it in. I love this hydrosoul because I enjoyed using it and this is a repurchased item for the future. Please take a look at my post on Instagram, and find out what other products I’ve emptied/tried!